Papers and Presentations

Senate Standing Committee on Procedure Submission on Parliamentary Prayer, August 2018

Atheism, Islam, and Secularism. Presentation to the Melbourne Atheist Society, May, 2017

Australia and constitutional secularism in the 21st Century:. Presentation to the Victorian Secular Lobby, December 2016

Everyone Should Be Secular. Presentation to The Sunday Assembly (Melbourne), August 2016

Victorian Parliament Submission on End of Life Choices. Presentation to the Legal and Social Issues Committee of the Victorian Parliament Concerning End of Life Choices. August 2015

The Victorian Secular Lobby and Politics. Presentation to the University of Melbourne Secular Society, April 2015

Secularism, individual rights and democracy: some difficult questions. Presentation to the Humanist Society of Victoria, August, 2013

Universal Secularism and Religious Particulars. An Irresolvable Problem?. Presentation to the 4D National Conference, University of Western Sydney, July 2013

The Importance of a Secular Political System. Presentation to the Atheist Society, November 2012