Muslim and Jewish footballers proving they're all of a peace

THE weather was perfect, the footy was good and the snags - both halal and kosher - were tasty when the match was over.

The MUJU Peace Club's first footy game with two teams called Unity and Harmony and each consisting equally of Muslim and Jewish youths was a winner. One of the organisers, 16-year-old Oussama Abouzeid, described the day as awesome. ''Just to see everyone happy and smiling is inspiring,'' he said. Another, 15-year-old Zoe Lipton, said she was amazed. ''I thought it might just be a kick in the park. I never thought this could happen.''

The game had its origins in an evening held at Whitten Oval in August involving young men from the Newport Islamic Centre and students from Bialik College. Taking their inspiration from the half-Palestinian, half-Israeli Peace Team that recently visited Australia for the AFL International Cup, young people from both sides decided to get a team of their own going.

Joel Kuperholz, 16, worked the numbers on the Jewish side. ''Getting numbers initially was a problem. A lot of kids said, 'Will this actually happen?' ''

With the help of the Western Bulldogs, the game was played at the Whitten Oval. ''A lot of my friends had never even been to that side of the city.''

An anti-Semitic rant on Facebook actually helped the cause. ''I said to kids, 'Here's your chance to put an end to it.' '' Joel's mother, Sharon Kuperholz, did much of the legwork and a supportive email from AFL chief Andrew Demetriou added to the fixture's credibility.

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