Hindus want to ban play that has Ganesh reclaim swastika from Germany

A MELBOURNE Festival play involving Hindu deity Lord Ganesh will inflame tensions between India and Australia if it is not withdrawn, according to Council of Indian Australians president Yadu Singh.

Indians saw the play, Ganesh Versus the Third Reich, as part of a campaign of denigration against them by Australians, Dr Singh said yesterday.

It has already hit the headlines in the Times of India.

In Melbourne, Hindu leaders have urged the festival to withdraw the play and have arranged to meet the its producers, Back to Back Theatre, along with Victorian multicultural officials, before it opens on Thursday at the Malthouse Theatre.

In the play, described in festival publicity as a ''rambunctious fable brimming with humour'', the elephant-headed Hindu god ''cuts a vengeful swath'' through Germany on a quest to reclaim the ancient Hindu symbol of the swastika from the Nazis.

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