Secular Justice Warriors 2014

In the 2014 Victorian State Election the Victorian Secular Lobby received financial and campaigning assistance from the following individuals whom we wish to thank:

Jennifer Bakker, Jaye Christie, and anonymous.

In addition we wish to especially highlight the following additional individuals for their efforts in the campaign.

Jeff Martin, Erica Hoehn, Lev Lafayette, Dean Edwards, Cindy Laird, Rodney Brown, anonymous, Peter Vietch, Paul Poulton, Adam Dean-Robert and Yee Yi, and Richard O'Brien

Further, the following individuals listed above will receive a Secular Justice Warrior award at our 2015 Annual General Meeting for their contributions.

Jeff Martin, Rodney Brown, Cindy Laird, Adam Dean-Robert and Yee Yi, Richard O'Brien, and Lev Lafayette

Lev Lafayette is also eligible for the George Holyoake Trophy for his financial contribution and campaigning.