Same-Sex Marriage Leads to Polygamy, Incest

On June 11 the Sydney Morning Herald reported that the Anglican Archbishop of Sydney, has argued that allowing same-sex marriage will lead to an acceptance of polygamy and incest. Numerous letters in response have described Rev. Jensen's comments offensive and absurd. (Collection below)

Rev. Jensen also indicated how strongly he subscribes to his own position by claiming "Ministers of the Gospel will find it increasingly difficult to teach Christian sexual ethics… since what they say will be contrary to what the state says," he said..

Because apparently the message is so weak and unconvincing that unless heterosexual monogamous marriage is exclusively enshrined in law by the state we'll all engaging in homosexual polygamous incestuous marriages instead.

If the Anglican Archbishop Peter Jensen (''Same-sex marriage will lead to polygamy, says Jensen'', June 11) really believes that opposition to same-sex marriage is an immutable matter of principle divinely ordained by God, then why does he need to resort to making alarming predictions that homosexual activity can lead directly to polygamy and incest?

The fact that heterosexual activity can lead to these same practices not only destroys his argument, but it reveals his own human inability to accept same-sex couples with the same honour, dignity and respect as he would couples in a traditional marriage union.

It is also specious to argue that by calling same-sex relationships marriages that society is somehow legitimating an ''abuse of marriage itself''. The central and defining feature of marriage is the love, faithfulness and lifelong commitment between two people.

Having two people of the same gender does not necessarily constitute abuse. It is in dishonouring their union in the eyes of God that constitutes abuse.

Rev Vincent Zankin Rivett (ACT)

And masturbation will lead to blindness.

Ron Kerr Ballina

Archbishop Jensen does not speak for all Christians, certainly not this one. I have never found the slippery-slope argument persuasive or rational, and in this case it becomes deeply offensive. To say that same-sex marriage could lead to incest, to be even compared to such an abusive act, lacks any foundation apart from being alarmist and shocking.

I can't imagine how hurtful the remarks must be to such people as Michael Kirby and his partner whose same-sex relationship spans more than 40 years. I don't consider my own marriage to be ''abused'' or in any way debased by others making a similar choice.

Josie McSkimming Coogee

Those distressed by the archbishop's irrational, minority-view comments about marriage may take some comfort from the writer Robert Ingersoll's observation that marriage is in the hearts of the beloved: the church and the state are impudent intruders.

Robert Ginn Mermaid Beach (Qld)

Archbishop Jensen's assertion that same-sex marriage could lead to polygamy and incest is as absurd as the idea that masturbation will make your palms hairy. On the other hand, the idea that the priesthood leads to child abuse …

Joan Sauers Woollahra

Since allowing traditional marriage leads to child abuse, will Peter Jensen be campaigning to ban it as well?

Tim Austin Epping

Keep those articles coming, Archbishop Jensen, I love a good laugh.

Paul Moore Annandale

Same-sex marriage will lead to polygamy? Really? Is this because polygamy is rife in Canada and other countries that have marriage equality? Or is this just a fear campaign? It's equivalent to saying anyone wanting to be a man of the cloth is a child molester - ridiculous. Religion should stay out of government.

Pary Vlandis Newtown

So Archbishop Jensen warns us that same-sex marriages will lead, among other things, to incest? As God created Adam and Eve, and let them multiply (immaculate conception was not on offer to mankind), it is obvious that there should have been plenty of it in the early days.

S. G. Venkatramani Little Bay

I understand that same-sex marriage is also causing global warming.

Alistair Cowie Ashbury

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